As a landlord letting their property through Fahren, we aim to cover all aspects of this from pre-tenancy advice and checks, to ongoing service and support, to even selling your investment.

We also are clean and transparent about the fees landlord’s pay for our service. Please find details below:-

Service Packages:-

1. Fully Managed Service

We handle all aspects of the tenancy, from marketing your property, sourcing a reliable and suitable tenant, looking after day-to-day management of the flat, collecting rent and moving tenants out.

Fee: 12% (inclusive of VAT) of the monthly rent. Discount available if we let multiple properties for you or purchase a property through Fahren.

2. Tenant Find and Rent Collection

We source suitable tenants for your flat, who are referencing personally and credit agency checked. We move them in, providing them with all info about living in a property, and then collect the rent each month. You would manage the day-to-day tasks of managing the flat.

Fee: Initial Set-Up Fee of £300 (inclusive of VAT) then 11% (inclusive of VAT) of the monthly rent.

3. Tenant Find Only

This is where we find a tenant who is suitable for your property, then you look after the rent payments as well managing day-to-day rental tasks.

Fee: £450 (inclusive of VAT)

Inventory/Check Out Reports (Created by an independent company):- (£95.00 for a studio or one bedroom flat, £105 for a two bedroom flat / house and £145.00 for a three bedroom flat / house and a quotation on request for larger properties.) (These prices are inclusive of VAT)

Tenancy Agreement Fee £120 (inclusive of VAT)

Tenant Check-In Fee £66 (inclusive of VAT)

Tenancy Renewal £120 (inclusive of VAT)

Gas Safety Certificate £102 (inclusive of VAT) (Annual requirement)

Energy Performance Certificate £96 (inclusive of VAT) (They are valid for 5 years)

Property Inspection Management Visit £40 (inclusive of VAT)

Deposit Scheme Registration £30 (inclusive of VAT) (If ‘Tenant Find Only’ Package - £60 inclusive of VAT)

Carbon Monoxide Detector (supplied and fitted) £50 (inclusive of VAT)

If you require any advice or help before instructing us or you are currently a client of ours please feel free to phone 01202 551022, EMAIL US or pop into our office 170 Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth BH1 1NU.

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