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Easy things you can do to make your home sell

Easy things you can do to make your home sell

First impressions always count, especially when selling your home. If you have had problems finding the right buyer or not sure how to best present your dwelling to the world then follow these simple tips...

A tidy house...is a sold house
Everyone likes their home to be tidy and clean. It is advisable to clear away the clutter, empty the bins, hoover those pizza crumbs from the carpet or give the wooden floor that extra sparkle with a mop. Mess and clutter give the wrong impressions like lack of storage or low quality living. A few hours of ‘elbow grease’ can make the world of difference.

Opportunity knocks
Why let a drab or damaged front door negate your home’s potential? Paint it a nice fresh colour, replace that broken letterbox and make sure the door bell works! If you live in an apartment it’s not often possible to change exterior elements, but a welcome door mat and an unstickered door goes a long way.

To paint or not to paint
Paint it neutral? Go wild with your colour? It’s always best to paint a home a neutral colour. Before you reach for that large tin of white paint or scour for interior design tips we recommend taking a simple approach. A colour or handful of complimentary colours will reflect the warmth and comfortable living of your home to potential buyers. It may be an additional cost you can’t afford, but it’s worth thinking about how the look of the interiors can affect buyers decisions and even offer prices. A lovely, looked after home will always fetch more money than one with paint peeling off, mouldy window frames and discoloured woodwork!

The great outdoors
Gardens, patios and balconies are great additions to a home. They make great selling points – if well looked after. A mown lawn, a few pot plants or some key garden ornaments can really set off an outdoor space.  For those lacking outdoor space why not bring some of the outside inside? A window sill plant box or vase of fresh flowers still creates a nice ambience, or leave a few leaflets around of the local parks or beaches as an alternative to not having a garden.

What’s that smell?
Smells give impressions. Think about it – the smell of cut grass, candy floss and bbq have a positive summery feeling, whereas wet dog, stale smoke or burnt food have negative connotations. Be aware of how your home smells to people. If your home suffers with damp, invest in dehumidifier. If you smoke then set about to aerate the rooms and clean any items that have absorbed the smell. Replace the ‘negative’ smells with ‘positive’ smells like freshly warmed bread, soft smelling scented air fresheners or freshly brewed coffee. According to an article in the Daily Mail the perfect smells to sell are White Tea and Fig, but it’s worth experimenting!

It’s only good as the person selling it
A good estate agent will encourage buyers to see the positives in your home and provide solutions for the potential problems. A good agent will be proactive in sharing your home’s details with relevant people. A good agent will price the property – not over or under – but just right in order to find suitable buyers and avoid long periods of inactivity.

At Fahren Estate Agents we would love to help you sell your property in Bournemouth. You can expect an authentic, passionate and professional house/flat selling service from us, and we enjoy working hard to achieve what you want. If you would like a free valuation or just a simple chat then call 01202 551022, email us on julian@fahren.co.uk or click here.

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